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Soil Mechanics Vol. 1 (Book)


Soil Mechanics is the comprehensive reference book on both soil mechanics and soil testing. With over 700 pages, we have included the entirety of the most common laboratory procedures for soils testing, a rarity in soil mechanics textbooks. While primarily intended for the active practitioner in the field, the manual is also a useful reference for students.

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The Soil Mechanics Book Vol. 1 is an excellent handbook combining four technical manuals covering Site Investigations, Laboratory Testing of Soils and basic Soils Engineering applicable to the Planning, Design and Construction of Pile Foundations and other major Civil Structures.

  • Reviews the various methods of conducting site investigations and laboratory and field testing, preliminary to project design.
  • Covers the basics of soils identification procedures and goes on to settlement behavior, seepage, slope stability and other important subjects.
  • Details some more difficult technical subjects including seismic activity and vibrations to some of the modern solutions for soils stabilization such as vibro-flotation and cement or chemical grouting methods.