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Reduce CSL Field Testing up to 5 Times
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pile dynamic analysis test

Reduce CSL Field Testing up to 5 Times

Pile Dynamics‘ CHAMP-Q 4-Channel Cross Hole Analyzer is ideal for testing four probes (six profiles) in just one pull, saving project time and money.

The Cross Hole Analyzer determines the quality and consistency of the concrete of drilled shafts, slurry walls, bored piles, cast-in-situ piles and other types of concrete foundations. In CSL testing, scanning various tube combinations for the entire shaft allows evaluation of concrete quality and defect location along the length and by quadrant. With the CHAMP-Q 4-Channel, the user can pull four cables (six profiles) at once, each color coded for easy identification, and via a newly designed, space efficient tri-pod.

CHAMP-Q 4-Channel Offers:

  • Improves efficiency – reduces field testing by up to 5 times compared to a 2- channel system.
  • Performs real-time analysis on site, as well as data transfer with CHA-W reporting software for additional analysis
  • Compatible with PDI-TOMO – enhanced, seamless 3D Tomographic supplemental imaging software available for wave speed analysis.

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