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Pile Buck’s interview with Meever USA, part of a large international organization dedicated to the distribution and manufacturing of piling products for the marine construction and deep foundation industries.

PB: Tell us about Meever USA.

M: Meever USA is the American arm of a global manufacturer and distributor of steel piling products called Meever and Meever headquartered in the Netherlands. We have stock locations in New Orleans, LA; Green Cove Springs, FL; and Houston, TX

PB: What types of steel piling products do you offer?

M: We specialize in supplying steel sheet pile, welded and seamless steel pipe pile, steel H pile, structural steel, anchoring and strutting systems, temporary mechanical bracing systems and other accessories required by the pile driving industry.

PB: What types of services do you offer?

M: We offer project design and engineering services, steel fabrication, coating, galvanizing, and transportation logistics.

PB: What services does your engineering department offer?

M: Our engineering department offers support with project design including value engineering to provide cost-efficient alternative designs.

PB: We understand you offer steel sheet pile rentals.

M: In the USA we have a large inventory and several stocking locations with sheet piles available for rent. We maintain our rental fleet to the highest standards, and we pay special attention to the sheet pile interlocks that need to be clean and straight every time we ship to our customers.

PB: Are there cases where renting monthly doesn’t make sense?

M: Sometimes the temporary construction stays in place for a relatively long time. We offer the option to purchase the sheet piles from us and we will buy them back after you finish the project for an agreed upon price.

PB: Do you offer hot rolled sheet piles?

M: Meever USA offers a wide variety of hot rolled sheet pile sections. We have new and used sheet piles in stock available for sale or rent. We also offer sales plus buy-back options for long-term temporary applications.

PB: What if you’re out of stock?

M: If we don’t have the required materials in stock, we can also deliver steel directly from production. Domestic and foreign sheet piles are offered according to project specifications in lengths up to 100ft.

PB: Does Meever USA offer fabrication services?

M: We provide offsite fabrication services. We can cut piling to desired lengths, cut handling holes, weld studs, assemble double C-walers, pair/ unpair sheet piles, splice piles, and attach top or tip protectors prior to delivery to your jobsite.

PB: Can you assist customers with fabrication design?

M: Our engineering department can also help design – or redesign – fabrication for economy and increased productivity.

PB: What is the Meever patented Bracing System?

M: The Meever Bracing Series is a modular mechanical bracing system designed and engineered to maintain excavation integrity. It is the first of its kind, with removable hydraulic rams to create a static temporary support system. It allows flexibility on site and saves time and money.

PB: How do the modules fit together?

M: The bracing system fits together with a full shear capacity joint, secured with one pin. This simple, easy assembly requires minimal training, saving layout time on site.

PB: Do you offer custom solutions?

M: The Meever Bracing Series is manufactured in-house, so we can offer custom solutions for varying excavations.

PB: What are the advantages of the Meever Bracing Series?

M: They are easy and quick to install, provide fast assembly, and require no welding on site. Most importantly it provides a safe working environment. Readers can learn more in the Meever USA Bracing System video.

PB: What projects can the Meever Bracing System be used for?

M: The Meever Bracing Series can be used in conjunction with all steel sheet piles U & Z Type and trench sheets. Meever Bracing is not restricted to size or shape – it is versatile in every aspect.

PB: What about preliminary design?

M: Meever Bracing offers a preliminary design outlining the sheets and the amount of bracing needed to secure your excavations.

PB: What else should we know about Meever USA bracing systems?

M: The brace is lighter than the conventional method of steel pipe strutting, therefore smaller machines can be used on site. Also, all series are compatible with each other. Our engineering team can design the right bracing series for your project. Download Meever USA’s Bracing brochure here.

PB: What surface treatments do you offer?

M: We offer blasting and coating, galvanizing, and cathodic protection. We can also deliver hot dipped galvanized products.

PB: Tell us about your blasting and coating services.

M: We offer a full range of high-quality coating systems from experienced, qualified coating facilities. Whether it’s an anti-corrosion coating to increase the material lifetime or a paint for esthetic purposes, we can do it.

PB: What about cathodic protection?

M: In addition to coating systems, we provide zinc and aluminum anodes that have a huge effect on the material lifetime. Anodes and coating are often used in conjunction with each other to get the best result.

PB: What types of pipes and micropiles do you offer?

M: Meever USA offers a wide range of steel pipes from production and stock. Seamless and welded pipes are offered according to ASTM or API standards. By keeping large inventories worldwide, we can provide flexibility and optimal service.

PB: Tell us about your interlock sealing services.

M: With any sheet pile project where potential water leakage through the wall presents a problem, sealing the interlocks may be required. We can seal or weld the middle interlock of a pair which gives a 100% watertight seal.

PB: What about applying an interlock sealant?

M: That’s another option. Applying an interlock sealant can drastically decrease the chance of water leaking through the interlocks. It can be used with all types of hot rolled and cold formed sheet piling interlocks.

PB: What are hydrophilic sealants?

M: Hydrophilic sealants swell up to multiple times its original volume when it’s in contact with water and it will seal off the locks. An example of a hydrophilic sealant is the Meever Expanding Seal.

PB: Can it be applied before delivery?

M: It can be applied before delivery to the jobsite, but this sealant is also very easy to install in the field. Field installation increases the effectiveness of the sealant.

PB: What else do you want our readers to know about Meever USA?

M: We consider ourselves a project partner and long-term relationships with clients are a top priority.

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