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INTERVIEW: Intech Anchoring Systems
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INTERVIEW: Intech Anchoring Systems

Pile Buck’s interview with Intech Anchoring Systems, who has supplied commercial, residential, and industrial contractors with Geostructural Engineering Solutions for over 20 years.

PB: We’re curious about Intech’s Magnacore self-drilling anchors (SDAs). For those who don’t already know, what are they exactly? 

IAS: They are hollow bar micropiles that are used as a deep foundation element.

PB: What type of applications are SDAs used for?

IAS: They are used for vertical piles to support a compression or tension load as well as a tieback or soil nail.

PB: How do your SDAs help with difficult soil conditions? Is there a particular project over the years that proved to be exceptionally challenging?

IAS: These can be installed in very limited access scenarios.  The equipment to install them can be very mobile and we have used them in very tight spaces with as little as 8-10 feet of head room.

PB: When would they be a better option than conventional micropiles?

IAS: Because the piles are installed with grout they excel in soil conditions where there is collapsible soils.  Also as I mentioned they are well suited for limited access situations as well.

PB: Tell us about the installation process of an SDA.

IAS: A rotary percussion drill will advance a Magnacore bar with a sacrificial drill bit that is equiped with holes or ports that allow for a continuous flow of grout to be pumped through the center of the bar through the bit.  You can couple bars together to get to the desired length or depth and once at that length simply disconnect the bar and move to the next location.  Since grout is coming into the hole the entire time the hole will stay open and the end result is an annulus slightly larger than the bit size do the grout being pumped in under pressure with a Magnacore bar installed in the center of the hole.  Rock sockets can be made as well with the Magnacore bar as well.

PB: Where can users learn more? 

IAS: At this link.

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