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KELLY TRACTOR CO. Spurs Redesign of IMT A125 Hydraulic Drill Rig
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KELLY TRACTOR CO. Spurs Redesign of IMT A125 Hydraulic Drill Rig

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MIAMI, FL – Kelly Tractor Co., a leading provider of construction equipment throughout the United States and Canada, recently introduced the new A125 drill rig to North America.  Built in collaboration with IMT and Caterpillar OEM Solutions Group, the pioneering re-design enables the Tier 4 rig to lay flat for complete single load transport.

First seen at BAUMA 2013 in Munich, the innovative A125 and larger model A350 were received with great interest and enthusiasm, especially when compared to small drill rigs from other manufacturers.  “We listened to our customers,” said Bruce Budd, Manager, Crane and Foundation Group for Kelly Tractor Co. “This Tier 4 design is exactly what contractors have been asking for: to reduce transportation costs.”

For the past 15 years, Kelly Tractor has been leading the way in the foundation drilling industry. Its field experience and knowledge, financial resources and dealer structure were paramount to the collaboration with IMT and Caterpillar.  Kelly Tractor’s influence on the redesign of these innovative machines has created assurance that the quality drill rigs will be sold, maintained and serviced by a company with a track record of excellence in providing fast and competent customer service.

“This year, Kelly Tractor Co. celebrates 80 years of providing exceptional sales and service to the construction industry,” said Budd. “Being ahead of the crowd and focusing on customer service is a distinct advantage for our customers with IMT machines. The Caterpillar dealer network services the Caterpillar power base, and the Kelly professionals maintain the drill portion.  This partnering approach

is the strength behind the new design. It reduces downtime and enables us to effectively sell, lease and service a rig anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.”

By year’s end, Kelly Tractor Co. will introduce the new, Tier 4 A150 drill rig.

Headquartered in Miami, Kelly Tractor Co. serves the construction industry with a wide variety of equipment. Since 1933, Kelly Tractor Co. has provided rentals, leasing, sales and servicing of equipment for highway and bridge building, water and sewer, land development, housing, aggregate quarries, agriculture, warehousing, seaports, marinas and other markets. Kelly Tractor Co. sells and rents IMT hydraulic drilling rigs to foundation drilling contractors throughout North America and Canada.

For more information, contact Bruce Budd at 561-683-2015, ext. 170

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