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Modernization Project at Puerto Coquimbo, Chile, Equipped with 11 ShibataFenderTeam Cone Fenders
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Modernization Project at Puerto Coquimbo, Chile, Equipped with 11 ShibataFenderTeam Cone Fenders

Situated in the north of Chile, in the region from which it takes its name, Puerto Coquimbo is the only public and multipurpose harbor in the area; a gateway connecting Coquimbo to the sea. In November 2019, a modernization project was initiated, encompassing the construction of a third berth, capable of accommodating larger vessels. This significant endeavor aims to contribute to the development and revitalization of the local economy, ultimately enhancing the port’s competitiveness and economic growth of the region.

The contractor awarded with this project entrusted ShibataFenderTeam with the design and supply of the fender systems for the new berth. The final order comprised 11 SPC Cone Fender Systems (1400 G2.4) and 16 T-Head Bollards (150 t).

Central to this project was a customized approach to the anchor systems to seamlessly integrate with the various phases of the new pier’s concrete structure. Chemical Anchors were chosen for the rubber fenders, to fit into the precast concrete of the first phase, while the chains were designed with U Anchors to be cast into a later-stage concrete top beam.

SFT‘s in-house team of engineers worked closely with the client in a fruitful collaboration that exemplifies SFT’s holistic approach to fender system design, one that consider all project conditions, the components and design along with manufacturing to deliver reliable and durable solutions.

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