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Foundations for Extremes
Volume 37 Issue 4
Volume 37 issue 3
Volume 37 Issue 3
Volume 37 issue 2
Volume 37 Issue 2
Volume 37 Issue 1
Volume 37 Issue 1
Volume 36 Issue 6
Volume 36 Issue 6
Volume 36 Issue 4
Volume 36 Issue 5
Volume 36 Issue 4
Volume 36 Issue 4
dredging scow
Volume 36 Issue 3
Volume 36 issue 2
Volume 36 Issue 2
anchored and cantilevered sheet pile walls
Volume 36 Issue 1
shaft construction
Volume 35 Issue 6
steel waler
Volume 35 Issue 5
pile dynamic analysis test

Foundations for Extremes

damage to the foundation of existing structures and rapid response repair

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, storm surges, hurricanes, floods, and more can cause substantial damage to the foundation of existing structures and requires rapid response for repair. In some areas, recurring events produce repeating damage to traditional foundations of lightly loaded residential and commercial structures.

This 2-part webinar will walk engineers through foundation considerations and review real-world applications on viable solutions for new and remedial foundations for extreme weather events. Up to 2 PDH credits are available for successful completion of the two-part webinar series. The live webinars will be held on August 19 and August 26 from 2:00 to 3:00 Central Standard Time. Register now!

Presented by:

Gary L. Seider, PE
Director of Engineering for CHANCE Foundation Solutions

Cary Hannon, PE

Vice President of Engineering for Foundation Technologies, Inc.

Jeffrey Martin, PE

Sole Proprietor and Owner at Steelhead Engineering


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