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GRL Engineer’s Pennsylvania Office Provides Remote Testing Services to Help Meet Construction Project Timelines
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pile dynamic analysis test

GRL Engineer’s Pennsylvania Office Provides Remote Testing Services to Help Meet Construction Project Timelines

soil plug on h pile

GRL Engineers, Inc. has provided reliable testing services and analyses in the deep foundations industry for over 40 years. Known for quick response-time, the engineering firm covers testing throughout the United States and offshore.

This Pennsylvania Office of GRL Engineers, Inc., provides driven pile and drilled shaft testing services for bridges, highways, ports, and large buildings and most notably performs dynamic pile monitoring, and thermal integrity profiling on deep foundations projects. Through the development of COVID-19, GRL’s engineers have been able to provide continued testing remotely with the use of SiteLink® technology. This technology allows for data collection to be performed onsite, and to be sent in real time to the engineer at any location. This ability to collect data and perform data analyses offsite has allowed many projects to continue with construction.

Despite the conditions, the GRL-Pennsylvania office provided remote testing in New York and New Jersey. The New York Power Authority (NYPA) utilized remote services to keep their project on track. They were able to perform Thermal Integrity Profiling onsite, and sent the thermal data via a secure Cloud server to the GRL Pennsylvania office. From there, the concrete assessment was completed in a timely manner. The New Jersey Department of Transportation (DOT) used GRL’s remote services for dynamic pile testing. On Route 295, 42, and the 76-Interchange, pile testing data was collected and transferred from the job site, to the Pennsylvania office.

The GRL-Pennsylvania branch manager, Alex Ryberg, describes how important remote testing has been during COVID019, “GRL consistently provides professional, high quality of service, even under difficult conditions. We are uniquely capable of adjusting and assisting our clients at any time due to our unmatched experience, even with late notice or for an emergency repair with limited time and information. While people across the world, and the global economy, continue to slowly recover in this unprecedented time, GRL proudly recognizes the importance of continuing to safely assist our clients with the many options we offer for testing services. Our experienced staff continues to provide timely support that can be relied on and meet project demands.”

Aside from servicing the state of Pennsylvania, the GRL-PA office also provides testing and analyses for Eastern New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, New Hampshire, Northern Virginia, and Vermont. To learn more about GRL-Pennsylvania, contact [email protected].

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