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pile dynamic analysis test


We have long known about the importance of proper alignment for reinforcing cages in drilled shaft construction. It is no less important to provide the same quality assurance for related deep foundation and earth support construction applications.

In order to achieve proper design strength in any drilled and grouted hole the bar or tendon must be centered in the drilled hole to assure proper grout or concrete coverage throughout the design length of the element. Pieresearch®, a long-time industry leader in alignment/centralizer products for the deep foundations industry has developed a new, adjustable, centralizer for augercast pile, micropile, soil nail, and tieback installation. The ADJUSTABLE QUICK-LOCK® UNIBAR® CENTRALIZER is the answer to uniform spacing requirements across a wide range of diameters.

There are 3 different new parts to fit shafts ranging from an O.D. of 10″ to 24″. All 3 parts are adjustable to fit bar sizes #6 thru #18:

• Part No. 1011-6/18UBC => for shafts that are 10/11″ in diameter, fits bar sizes #6 thru #18 • Part No. 1415-6/18UBC => for shafts that are 14/15″ in diameter, fits bar sizes #6 thru #18 • Part No. 1617-6/18UBC => for shafts that are 16/24″ in diameter, fits bar sizes #6 thru #18

ADJUSTABLE QUICK-LOCK® UNIBAR® CENTRALIZERS are made of lightweight, durable, non-corrosive plastic and consist of two identical halves that are fast and easy to snap together. The adjustable centering device will accommodate single bar, single and multi-strand anchors, encapsulated anchors (DCP), and are suitable for steel or plastic pipe applications. The adjustable UNIBAR® can be attached with zip ties or tie wire, and are offset to fit between rebar threads. They are lightweight, economical and do not require nuts or bolts for installation.

Pieresearch® is known for their timely response to orders placed. They will ship directly to any location of your choice. All products are made in the USA and are readily available.

For detailed information about the ADJUSTABLE QUICK-LOCK® UNIBAR® CENTRALIZER and the wide range of alignment/centralizer aids for the deep foundation and earth retention industries visit:, or call 817-277-3738.

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